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Imam bayildi

Imam Baldi in Turkish means 'the Imam fainted'.

6 Eggplants medium-sized round
5 onions thickly sliced
10 cloves garlic cut into quarters
5 ripe tomatoes, skinned and crushed
1 bunch parsley, finely chopped
2 1/2 cups of olive oil
salt and pepper

This recipe calls for a lot of olive oil. If it is too much for your liking, cut back on the oil.

Wash the aubergines well and remove the stems. Cut in half each aubergine and salt them.
Then in a frying pan we put olive oil and fry all sides evenly. Remove them and place them in a baking tin.

In another deeper pan put olive oil and saute the onions and garlic until they have softened. After add the tomatoes, the parsley, salt and pepper, simmer together for a few minutes.

Put all aubergines in a oven gastra (baking dish) and fill them with our mixture we have made. If any mixture has remained empty it all into the baking gastra .

Add the olive oil and about 1 cup water ( or a litlle more ) in gastra so water is covering at least the 1/2 of our eggplants. If you like more taste in water you can put a teaspoon of vegetable flavor paste. (boullion)

Prepare the oven on 180 C and bake them for 1 hour about until they are cooked well and you have a sauce.

PS: The secret of this recipe is the garlic onions and parsley... that if you want you can put always some more...

This recipe comes from the Hahathakis Family who own the Hotel Aphrodite Beach and Taverna in Vatera Beach, Lesvos

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